This building, with simple elegant architecture, started to be built in 1914 and was opened in 1927 by his Majesty the King Alphonse XIII, and Victoria Eugenie. The following are among the most important rooms in the Palace:

The Throne Room, in French style, decorated with crystal chandeliers and Venetian mirrors, is adorned with some frescos by the artist from Granada, Mariano Bertuchi, who had a close relationship with our city because he not only lived here but also became its deputy mayor. The city’s Royal Standard is also in this room, a banner brought by John I of Portugal when he conquered the city, which is made of Damascus silk with inscriptions of the Portuguese and Castilian coats of arms, paraded on Corpus Christi. The Meeting Room, with furnishing from Talavera in Spanish renaissance style and decorated with portraits of former mayors and crowned by a portrait of his Royal Highness King Juan Carlos I. The Rotonda Room is in imperial style and was the former smoking room. It was also decorated by Bertuchi and Alphonse XIII, Primo de Rivera and Juan Carlos I have all leant over its balcony and from there the 2nd Republic was declared. There are other paintings by Bertuchi in the Former Mayor’s Office, from a visit he made to Ceuta and a portrait of the local hero Lieutenant Ruiz. The stairs to the first floor, with some Talavera ceramic skirting boards and a stained glass window with some sketches by Bertuchi, where the motto is placed declaring that the city is “always noble, loyal and absolutely faithful”.



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