Few cities can offer visitors such a wide variety of dishes in their gastronomy as Ceuta. The home of many different cultures where each of them have left their stamp, as well as their culinary art, with the added advantage of being so near the sea.

Here you can try all kinds of fish and seafood offered to us by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. One just needs to take a glance at the Main Produce Market and see its fish stands, with the varied colours of fish jumping, among which the following should be highlighted: grouper, red mullet, or sword fish, tuna, greater amberjack, anchovies, sardines, whiting, plaice, hake, sole, dogfish, flying fish, mackerel, sea bream, pollack, turbot, cuttlefish, squid, octopus and clams. Among the seafood available are live lobsters, king prawns, shrimps and crayfish, and some marvellous crabs, with which delicious “txangurros” (cooked spider crab served in its shell) can be made.

Good tapas are one of the main components of our gastronomic offer: excellent tapas and skewers are served in bars and taverns of various styles, which makes the “tapa route” a must for the most demanding gourmets.